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Rakhi Sawant taking huge Money with her brother

Posted on 10 Feb 2012 at 1:37pm

Rakhi Sawant taking money–Shivam an 8 years old boys in Patna ran off  from the fifth floor of a highrise apartment.Fortunatley he escaped death ,But is now recovering in the ICU of a loval nursing home in Patna.

Shivam’s friends are convinced it was Krissh effect at work. His school teacher is quoted as saying Shivam was obsessed with becoming like Krissh ever since he saw the film. A neighbour is quoted in the Times Of India Patna as saying, “Shivam imitated Krissh all the time”

Rakesh Roshan is aghast when informed of the incident. “Krissh was made with the noblest of intentions. Even the film’s harshest critic cannot deny that. How were we to know there would be this tragic side-effect? I’m aware this is the fourth or fifth incident of a child hurting himself while imitating Krissh. It’s always the very small children in the 5-10 age group who get influenced by super-heroic stunts. It’s up to parents and the responsible member of the family to let the child know that what he’s watching on screen is make-believe and the stunts musn’t be attempted by the kids. Even when the Superman series started kids got carried away. Christopher Reeve had to come on television to serve a warning for impressionable minds. Hrithik has come on television to tell kids to not try the stunts.”

Rakesh Roshan who has just returned from a week-long holiday in London is sure about the moral feasibility of his Krissh series. “We’re definitely going ahead with the next super-hero film, though it may not be my next film. We’re holding brain-storming sessions.

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